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Out of a transcendent morning sky, death rained down without warning, changing our lives and our world.

The Severe Clear 9/11 project gathered personal stories on a website created for this purpose on September 14, 2001, the official day of Prayer and Remembrance for the 2,997 people killed in the 9/11 attacks on American soil. 

The goal: To create an online archive to preserve our stories for posterity and to provide a venue for sharing, grieving, and healing.

These stories—dramatic, intense, and graphic—have ripened and sharpened with each passing year, and can now be assessed in the broader historical perspective of what has since come to pass.

What is unique and remarkable about these stories now, 20 years later, is the power of their narratives, their highly visual descriptions, their strong distinct personal voices, their simple eloquence—all from individuals who wrote only because they wanted to be sure the world will never forget the day of 9/11 and how it touched—and still touches—our lives.

Here are five stories to read. A sampling of what’s to come.