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This September 11th, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. 

The goal of Severe Clear 9/11: 136 Untold Stories is to publish across a range of online media these previously unpublished personal stories in time to honor this anniversary—the 2,607 people who died at Ground Zero; firefighters, volunteers, police, and others who died trying to save their lives; and all their loved ones who suffered such loss.


This appears to be the largest and most varied written collection of 9/11 personal stories gathered in one place— all written 20 years ago by people from around the country, now available for the first time.

 Remarkable, raw stories of courage, fear, and how to heal from trauma.

These first person narratives are compelling, moving, revealing: from survivors inside the towers, eye-witnesses, area residents, volunteers, school children (who also sent drawings and recorded a song), college students, artists, doctors, friends of firefighters; businesspeople,  musicians, poets, a hair stylist, the scuba diver under the towers, the pilot above it in his personal plane—people who saw and will never forget. 

Emotional, analytical, factual, educational.

Our goal is to publish these online before September 11th. You can help meet this deadline by making a contribution now.

Your donation towards this goal will allow us to complete editorial and technical work, launch, distribution, maintenance, and promotion of these remarkable stories for the first time on a searchable website and across social media, blogs, YouTube, and other online venues, all accessible and free to everyone.